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Dentist Ripponden. Sowerby Bridge Dentist within easy reach of Elland, Brighouse and Hebden Bridge. Dental surgery Ripponden Sowerby Bridge.

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Cosmetic dentist Ripponden – call for a free initial consultation.

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Dental Practice Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge. Dental surgery near Halifax specialising in Nervous Dental Patient Care and Cosmetic Dentistry Ripponden, Halifax. Shine Dental Practice Ripponden is an award-winning, modern dental surgery.


This is the first line of any dental plan. Our state-of-the-art dentist Ripponden offers thorough oral hygiene & dietary advice to ensure that we can stop further problems with teeth & gums, thereby reducing your overall cost.

New patient private exam £50

Available Plans For Private Patients

Dentist Ripponden & Sowerby Bridge: Adult membership

  • Same day emergency dental appointments at a cost of £25
  • Dental examinations per year
  • Hygienist visits per year
  • 2 x X-ray
  • Worldwide emergency call out insurance
  • Worldwide dental trauma insurance
  • Redundancy protection for your monthly plan payments
  • 20% members discount on dental fee

NHS Dental Patients Ripponden & Sowerby Bridge

NHS Contract

Our practice in Ripponden also holds an NHS Contract. Please call our friendly reception team on 01422 824 875 to find out whether we are taking on NHS Patients.

As an NHS patient, there are three bands of charges for all NHS dental treatments:

Band 1 dental treatment: £23.80

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover:

  • a clinical examination, assessment and report
  • an orthodontic assessment and report
  • advice, diagnosing and planning of your treatment
  • X-rays
  • moulds of your teeth – for example, to see how your teeth bite together
  • taking coloured photographs
  • advice on preventing future problems, such as diet advice and cleaning instructions
  • applying sealants or fluoride preparations to the surfaces of your teeth
  • a scale and polish
  • marginal correction of fillings
  • taking a sample of cells or tissue from your mouth to examine (pathological examination)
  • adjusting false teeth (dentures) or orthodontic appliances, such as braces
  • treating sensitive cementum (the tissue that covers the root of a tooth)

Urgent treatment when you need to see a dentist immediately also costs £18.80.

Band 2 dental treatment: £65.20

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in band 1 above, plus:

  • non-surgical treatment of periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) – such as root planing (cleaning bacteria from the roots of your teeth) or deep scaling and a polish
  • surgical treatment of periodontitis – such as removing some gum tissue (gingivectomy)
  • free gingival grafts – when healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth is attached to your teeth where the root is exposed
  • fillings
  • sealant restorations – when sealant is used to fill a small hole and seal any grooves in your teeth
  • root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • pulpotomy – removing dental pulp (the soft tissue at the centre of a tooth)
  • apicectomy – removing the tip of the root of a tooth
  • transplanting teeth
  • removing teeth (extraction)
  • oral surgery – such as removing a cyst
  • soft tissue surgery to the mouth or lips
  • frenectomy, frenoplasty or frenotomy – surgery to the folds of tissue that connect your tongue, lips and cheeks to your jaw bone
  • relining and rebasing dentures
  • adding to your dentures – such as adding a clasp or a tooth
  • splinting loose teeth – for example, after an accident or due to periodontitis; this doesn’t include laboratory-made splints
  • bite-raising appliances (similar to a mouth guard) – for example, to correct your jaw alignment; this doesn’t include laboratory-made appliances

Band 3 dental treatment: £282.80

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in band 1 and 2 above, plus:

  • veneers and palatal veneers – new surfaces for the front or back of a tooth
  • inlays, pinlays and onlays – used to restore damaged teeth
  • crowns – a type of cap that completely covers your real tooth
  • bridges – a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth
  • dentures
  • orthodontic treatment and appliances such as braces
  • other custom-made appliances, not including sports guards

Treatments such as veneers and braces are only available on the NHS if there’s a clinical need for them (not for cosmetic reasons).

Kaye copy

Kaye Barrett

Dental Nurse (RDN)

Sam Stead

Dental Nurse (RDN)

Alison Downsborough

Dental Nurse (RDN) / Treatment Co-ordinator


All new patients are invited to book a free consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators – Alison, Sam or Kaye. The consultation, which lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, includes a brief Q&A. This helps us to learn about you (and your teeth) and in turn affords you the opportunity to experience the level of care and attention Shine Dental is renowned for.

Dental Phobias

We recognise how daunting the experience of a trip to the Dentist can seem, especially to someone who has had a previous bad experience or has not visited for years.

Shine Dental leads the way in Nervous Dental Patient care. We treat all of our patients with kindness and consideration. We do all that we can to take great care to ensure a stress-free visit to our dental practice.


During your first visit, your Treatment Coordinator will ask about:

  • Lifestyle and dental regime
  • Previous treatment
  • Any pain or discomfort

We will assess the condition of your teeth and advise on any treatment we feel will benefit you. It is also an ideal opportunity for you to explore treatments such as bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, cosmetic braces and teeth whitening.

Whatever your reason for coming to Shine Dental, whether you simply wish to change your dentist or you feel you have neglected your teeth in recent years, you will be well looked after.

It all begins with a FREE CONSULTATION, so book yours today!

Book a Consultation Today!

If you would prefer speak to someone at our Ripponden clinic before booking your free consultation, we would be happy to hear from you.

Call 01422 824 875 and ask for Alison, Sam or Kaye.

Book a dental consultation in Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge

Whether you are looking explore cosmetic dentistry or you simply wish to move away from your current dentist, we are here to help. Now welcoming new dental patients from Sowerby Bridge, Hebden Bridge and Halifax. Shine Dental has two dental surgeries – contact our Ripponden Dentist today!


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    Welcoming new dental patients from Sowerby Bridge, Hebden Bridge and Halifax.

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